Friday, 29 February 2008

Resurrection Debate

This blog is to record a debate on the resurrection of Jesus from 21st February 2008 onwards between Steven Carr and John Twisleton

The Reverend John Twisleton is Chichester diocesan mission & renewal adviser

Some of his publications can be found Here

He has appeared on 'Firmly I Believe' on Premier Christian Radio

Please note that these posts have been redated to put them in logical, rather than chronological order.

This means that you have to click on 'Older Posts' to read the latest exchanges.

If you have been watching 'The Passion' on BBC with a new actor playing Jesus and James Nesbitt playing Pontious Pilate, this is the place to see just how much or how little evidence there is for the resurrection.

Opening Statement by John Twisleton

Steven Carr's First Response

Comment by the Reverend James Hollingsworth

John Twisleton's First Reply

Response to the Reverend James Hollingsworth

Steven Carr's First Response to John Twisleton

Second Post by James Hollingsworth

Response to James Hollingsworth

Reply from John Twisleton 1st March 2008

Response by Steven Carr 02/03/2008

Response from James Hollingsworth

Response by Steven Carr 08/03/2008

John Twisleton 08/03/2008

Response by Steven Carr 09/03/2008

John Twisleton 18 March 2008

Steven Carr March 19

John Twisleton March 27 2008

John Twisleton 2 April 2008 My apologies for posting this so late

Steven Carr 14 April 2008

John Twisleton Final Reply

Steven Carr Final Reply


  1. I appreciate your insights on my blog about the resurrection debate. I have not had the pleasure or reading your entire argument against the ressurection, however, I plan on reading it very soon.

    I have little time right now but I would love to hear your opinions on the resurrection.


  2. Hey Steve,
    I myself just started a site:
    I wanted to respond to a post you made at the 'God Space' blog. You cited 1 Peter's reference of 'all flesh like grass' The word flesh there can be translated 'sin nature' as well. Also the reference is to our pre-resurrected flesh. So, in that sense it is true. Our flesh does breakdown like grass, so we shouldn't live to satisfy our dying flesh but live in the hope of receiving a new body. Also, the world be "changed like a garment" in Hebrews 1....the key word is changed. You jumped to the assumption that it will be destroyed. But if you read Romans 8 you would see that is not what is being described. Feel free to comment on my page...I also have some resources there that you can look at.

  3. 'All sin nature is grass'?

    Is that what Isaiah or 1 Peter wrote?

    'Also, the world be "changed like a garment" in Hebrews 1....the key word is changed. You jumped to the assumption that it will be destroyed.'

    Changed like a garment?

    So when you change your clothes, you don't get new clothes on to replace the old?

    You don't roll up the old clothes and throw them away?

    Hebrews 1
    In the beginning, O Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands.
    They will perish, but you remain;
    they will all wear out like a garment. You will roll them up like a robe; like a garment they will be changed.

    They will perish. They will wear out like a garment. God remains, but the earth perishes.

    Mike claims this means that is just an assumption that this means 'destroyed'.

    After all, when you get new clothes, you keep the old clothes. The old and the new clothes still exist.

    So when the earth perishes like a well-worn garment, there will be two earths, the old worn out perished earth, and the new earth.

    Unless Mike is one of those strange people who throws away worn-out,perished clothing when he replaces them with new clothes.

    Apparently, there are people who do throw away worn-out, perished clothing when they get new clothes, if Mike can get his head around the behaviour of such strange people......

  4. MIKE
    Also the reference is to our pre-resurrected flesh. So, in that sense it is true. Our flesh does breakdown like grass....

    Mike is right!

    The author of 1 Peter knew that the pre-resurrected flesh of Jesus broke down like grass.

    That is why he wrote 'All flesh is grass' so that people like Mike would know what happened to the pre-resurrected flesh of Jesus.

    It broke down like grass.

    Hence the analogy 'All flesh is grass'.

  5. I thought about your technique, you describe changing dates, I would have started out with say twenty or thirty empty messages or message "brouillons/sketches" same day, filling in above on the top one and then filling in each new one on the one below and then publish.

    If you care to inform on changing of dates, do!

  6. For other readers, I have, as a Traditional Catholic Christian, commented on pretty many of the posts here linked to.